About Us

Spectraa Facility Solutions provides end-to-end facility management services by integrating strategic planning with an experienced team of well-trained staff and efficient, transparent and compliant processes, to ensure best-in-class service delivery for our customers.
Who We Are ?

Spectraa is the offshoot of Force 1, which has two decades of delivering security services to Corporates across industries. Our solid experience of delivering all aspects of security to our clients has helped us gain in-depth understanding of not only our client Spaces, but also their need for a clean environment and an efficient workplace.

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  • Accommodation of and adaptability to our client's needs

  • Innovation of customisable services to address client needs

  • Utilization of a professional, diverse and highly trained work force

  • Exceptional service and product quality

  • Timely delivery of and a value added service

  • An honest and open ethos

  • Appropriate financial apportionment and accountability

  • Respect for one another - everyone is important and everyone matters.

  • To validate and incorporate new and emerging technologies

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Employee Benefits

Following 100% statutory norms, we periodically provide our employees with add-on benefits, on-time salary and incentives while striving to provide a safe and healthy working and learning environment for them.

Safety Environment

We play a pivotal role in environmental safety, health protection, safety standards and in its compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Continuous Improvement

Every effort is made to enhance individual learning and development through intermittent trainings that enhance knowledge while creating a harmonious working environment.